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Timer Switch Relay SMS Controller Remote Switch Dialling-in A Date Transporter RS232 GSM Home Automation Alarm System RTU5011

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Size : 95*63*25mm
Model Number : RTU5011
Communication Interface : Wireless
Brand Name : KING PIGEON
Power : DC 12V/1.5A
Item Type : Other
SMS Controller Frequency : Quad-Band 900/1800/850/1900 MHz
TYPE : Gate Operators
SMS Controller Digital Input : 8 NC/NO Dry Contact Inputs
SMS Controller Setting : by PC software, SMS
SMS Controller Ports : RS-232 serial control
SMS Controller Relay control : by free Phone Call
SMS Controller Analog Input : 4 AD 0-5V/0-20mA Inputs
Name : GSM SMS Telemetry Controller
Temperature range : -10-+70 °C
Humidity range : Relative humidity 95% (condensation free)


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A timer Switch Relay SMS Controller Remote Switch Dialling-in A Date TransporterRS232 GSM Home Automation Alarm System RTU5011


The GSM Controller RTU5011 is a universal GSM dialer and controller as well as a GSM Remote Control and Alarm Unit.

RTU5011 provides 8 relay drivable outputs(12V-24V), 8 Digital inputs,4 Analog Inputs and RS232 Serial Port. It allows you

to monitor and control an alarm or remote stations or equipments or machines by SMS(Short Message Service) Or transport data

between user and PLC. Another, it can transmit data from apparatus (thermometer, humidity meter, electric meter, flow meter)

to user or monitoring center by SMS(GSM DTU).

(The different from the GSM Controller RTU5010 is the GSM Controller RTU5011 with 8 I/O Ports, 4AD inputs,

Microphone andSpeaker . The GSM Controller RTU5010 with 4 I/O ports, without AD inputs, Microphone and Speaker.

The other functions are the same.)


The GSM Controller RTU5011 can be used as:

1.A switch with SMS remote control. SMS texts for switching particular terminals on/off are configurable.

2.A timer-switch which can be activated automatically. It can be used as preset when the GSM Controller need work

and when it needn‘t work. The user can set 6 appointed time.

3.A relay with dialling-in remote control. Up to 10 tel. numbers can be authorized for it. Because calls are not answered 

dialling-in control within GSM is free of charge. (it only checks the caller’s number and - if the number is authorized - responds

with relay activation.) This can be used for parking latch control, gsm gate opener, remote control machine, etc.

4.An automation system. Each input can link to output actions, this is very useful when the temperature upto appointed value,

need switch on the air-conditioning immediately, or when water overflow and need switch on the dryer, or when somebody broken

into the door or windows need to start the CCTV and Siren.

5.A SMS reporter. The 4 Inputs activations or deactivations can be reported by SMS and optionally confirmed by phone calls.

Each input can have its own message texts and the message can be programmed by users.

6.A data transporter (GSM DTU, GSM M2M ). The RS232 serial port can be used as remotely collecting the data from PLC or

other equipments then send to user and monitoring center, also, it can accept the users SMS commands then transport the commands

to the PLC directly.

7.A GSM Alarm system. the user can arm it or disarm it by SMS. also,the first input can be used as Arm or Disarm button, the other

3 inputs can be used as door sensor, motion sensor, temperature sensor, water overflow sensor, AC power failure sensor, oil pressure s

ensors, etc.

8.A GSM Remote Termials (GSM RTU). It can work with the supervisioning center, in the supervisioning center, the own can remote

monitoring and control the remotely terminals by GSM Network.This is very useful to street light control, wellhead control,

BTS environment monitoring, power transmission system monitoring and other applications.

Product show

RTU5011 GSM Alarm

RTU5011 From King Pigeon 600

What Applications does the GSM Controller RTU5011 suitable for?

1. Security Alarm System applications;

2. Supervision and monitoring alarm systems

3. Automatic monitoring system;

4. Vending Machines;

5. Pumping Stations;

6. Buildings and Real Estate;

7. Weather Stations;

8. River Monitoring and Flood Control;

9. Oil and gas pipelines;

10. Corrosion protection

11. Valve controls;

12. Wellheads;

13. Energy saving,street lights control system;

14. Tanks, levels, temperatures,water leakage applications;

15. Transformer stations;

16. Unmanned machine rooms;

17. Control room application;

18. PLC and Automation System, M2M;

19. GSM Access Control System, GSM Gate Opener, etc.


 4 relay drivable outputs(12V-24V), Any relay can be switched on by sending a SMS or call to the unit;

4 Alarm logic inputs for SMS reporting and dialing (the inputs react to a connection or disconnection to or from a common GND terminal);

 Bidirectional data transmission, this is very useful to connect PLC equipments;

 Can read logic input status by SMS;

 Up to10 different mobile phones numbers can be pre-set in the system;

 Password protected, prevents unauthorised use;

 Each logic input can be assigned to one or more output relays;

 Can be set up and programmed from any GSM phone and PC;

 An arm or disarm button is optional for the user;

 Timer function, can be programmed when send back the report or when switch on the output relays.

 Time stamped alarm messages.

 Based on GSM Network.


 Parameter item  Reference scope
 DC Power supply  Standard adapter: DC 12V/1.5A  Reference scope 6-24V DC
 Power consumption  12V input  Max. 50mA/Average 50mA
 Frequency range  Dual-frequency 900/1800, compatible with GSM Phase 2/2+
 SIM Card  Supporting 3V SIM Card
 Antenna  50 Ω SMA Antenna interface
 Serial  RS-232C, Default communication parameter 9600,n,8,0,1
 Temperature range  -10-+
 Humidity range Relative humidity 95% (condensation free)
 Output drive voltage  Equal to input DC voltage
 Output drive power  Drive voltage ≤35V, drive current ≤200mA
 On state input current  Max. 0.33mA
 Input signal  Dry contact or 0V-3.3V level signal
 Exterior dimension  131×80×25 mm
 Weight  110 g


RTU5011 PC Programming Tool (Windows XP and Windows 7/8 OS) Functions:

  1.Alarm SMS receivers setting

  2.Alarm auto-dialer receivers setting

  3.Digital input type setting

  4.Edit alarm SMS content

  5.User number setting

  6.Timer setting

  7.Relay action programming

  8.SMS daily report interval

  9.Alarm delay time setting

  10.AC/DC power failure alert setting

  11.Modify password

  12.Backup/Read setting profile

  13.Programming the alarm link

packing list

 RTU5011 GSM Controller 2G* 1
 AC/DC Power supply adapter * 1 (12V 1.5A 1)
 Serial cable for communication * 1 (RS232)
 CD (Pc programmer tool) * 1
 GSM Antenna * 1

Optional Accessories:

Water Overflow Level Sensor, 
Oil Overflow Level Sensor,
Liquid level transducer,
Humidity transducer,
Voltage/Current transducer,
Water Leak Sensor, 
Temperature probe,
Door contacts, 
PIR Motion Sensor, 
Smoke detector,
Gas Leak Sensor,
Glass Break Sensor, 
Viberation Sensor, 
Power failure sensor, etc.
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