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8CH Photoelectric Isolating Separation RS485 HUB Splitter 1 In 8 Out High anti-interference function

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Brand Name : Jedrek
Model Number : RJ91G-485


HUB RJ91G-485 is designed to solve the complex electromagnetic field environment under the RS-485 large system requirements and design of the RS-485 bus division hub (HUB). RS-485 bus segmentation hub (on) the product support transmission rate up to 115.2KBPS. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the data communication, RS-485 interface terminal using photoelectric isolation technology, to prevent lightning surge into the converter and equipment, built-in optoelectronic isolator and 1500W surge protection circuit to provide 2500V isolation voltage, can effectively inhibit the lightning (lighting) and ESD, and can effectively preventing lightning and total interference, is powered by an external switch power supply, safe and reliable, very suitable for outdoor application.

In RS-485 working mode, the discrimination circuit can automatically detect the direction of data flow, and automatically switch the control circuit, so that it can easily solve the problem of RS-485 transceiver conversion delay. RS-485 interface transmission distance greater than 1200 meters, stable performance. Widely used in highway toll collection system, road monitoring system and power acquisition system, is an excellent performance, excellent price data interface conversion products.

HUB RJ91G-485 provides star RS-485 bus connection. Each port has a short circuit, open circuit protection. Opticalisolation 2500V, users can easily improve RS-485 bus structure, division of network, improve the reliability of communication. When a fault or lightning equipment, network problems will be isolated, to ensure the normal work of the other segment. This performance greatly improves the reliability of the existing RS-485 network, and effectively shorten the maintenance time of the network. Rational use of HUB RJ91G-485 can help you to design a unique and highly reliable RS-485 system.

Product performance parameters:
Compatible with RS-232, RS-485 - TIA/EIA standard
Automatic send / receive data, without the need for external flow control signal (RTS), three of the real line (TXD.RXD.GND) communication system
- input interface: RS-232 interface and RS-485
Output interface: Eight - port RS-485 interface
- communication rate: 300bps-115.2Kbps
- power supply: 9-48VDC/350mA
In the RS-485 interface can connect 128 devices each
- communication distance: 5000 meters (9600bps)
In the power supply, data flow and four fault detection indicator, can detect the fault point
- work mode: asynchronous half duplex (RS-485)
Exergy photoelectric isolation reinforced (isolation voltage 2.5KVrms /500VDC insulation) and special DC / DC module, RS-485 provide 1500W per line lightning and surge, +/-15KV ESD protection and prevent a total interference
- electrical interface: three terminal
- transmission media: twisted pair or shielded wire
- dimensions:100mmX70mmX43mm
In the use of the environment: -40 DEG C to 85 DEG C, relative humidity of 5% to 95%
Not applicable to all the use of communication software, plug and play
- support DOS/WIN95/WIN98/WIN2000/NT/XP Linux




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